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I needed to move a sweet classic car from CA to TX after receiving quotes that averaged around $1500-$1600 for an enclosed I was beginning to think there were no shippers out there that were competitive in price and quality of delivery. I had given up and was ready to order the $1500 company when out of the blue a very helpful and sincere lady by the name of Nicole from Truthful Transport called me on a Saturday morning and inquired if I still desired a transporter? Needless to say I was dumbfounded when she quoted a price which was almost half as much as some of the high quotes I received? I was reluctant at first and wanted to read the reviews and review how old a company they were? Well it turned out they are a relatively newer company which made me pause but after reviewing the feedback of reviews my gut feeling was I felt comfortable in hiring them. Don't believe that the most reasonable quote will end up being a poor decision? I'm not saying the cheapest quote always ends up being the smartest move, all I'm saying is for me the cheapest quote turned out to be a godsend. They were flexible on pick-up and the moment the car was ready I called them and to my disbelief they picked the car up the next day. The transport time was fast and the delivery went off without a scratch. I cannot with all honesty be anymore satisfied with the move of this car and the icing on the cake was the reasonable rate they charged? If your looking for a transporter look no more Truthful Transport will not disappoint. On a scale of 1-10 to me they are 10+ I will never use another transporter again other than Truthful! Sincerely, Jack Doll - Conroe,TX
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Call Seven Days a Week
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At first I was doubting to ship my new 2011 Mustang from Texas to Alaska with the Company that gave me the cheapest quote but after reading the wonderful reviews I decided to go for it and they did not let me down! All the people I came in contact with were very friendly and explained everything great, from the Truthful staff to the person that picked up my car and also to the people where I picked it up. And it got there within 17 days which helped me out a lot. Of course it was a little dirty which was expected after such a long journey in an open carrier, that wasn't a problem for me at all. Very nice experience and I will use them again whenever I have to ship my car again. Truthful Transport did a GREAT job, thumbs up all the way!!!!!!
Mary (10/06/2011) - “Texas to Alaska”
I purchased a Dodge Dakota from a dealership in Coconut Creek, Florida. After comparing costs to fly down and drive the truck back to Ontario or ship it, I decided to arrange to have the truck shipped to Michigan and then import it myself into Canada. After reading all kinds of various negative reviews about shipping companies, I was seriously having second thoughts when I came across the reviews for Truthful which were all positive. After talking with Nicole and Todd I was a lot more comfortable and contracted them to ship the truck. The Dealership received a certified cheque on Monday July 11 and I signed the contract for shipping on Thursday July 14th thinking it would likely take up to a week for the truck to be picked up. Nicole called later that day informing me they had a carrier lined up that could pick the truck up later that day or Friday the 15th. I called the dealership to verify that the truck was clear to be released and was told by a salesman that everything was good, to go ahead and book to have it shipped. Nicole also called, as did the driver of the carrier and again the salesman said that the truck was good to go. The Driver arrived the next day on Friday to pick up the truck and after waiting 45 minutes was told that the truck was not going to be released due to a problem with the cheque. At this point I thought I was going to be on my own since Truthful had done their job. Truthful kept working on arranging to have the truck shipped and waited for the dealership to figure out funds (apparently since I was from Canada, the bank put an automatic 10 day hold on the cheque). Nicole contacted me on Tuesday the 26th and informed me they had another carrier actually waiting for my truck to be released and that she had contacted the dealership but the truck was still not ready to be released. After putting some pressure on the dealership they finally gave the release on Wednesday the 27th. The truck was picked up on Thursday July 28 as promised from US auto transport. The driver Mike (who by the way was very pleasant), contacted me to tell me the truck was on its way on Friday and he called me again on Monday to arrange pickup for later in the evening .The truck arrived as promised in Port Huron ,Michigan ,clean and damage free. So the bottom line is after having a very bad experience with the dealership I feel that Truthful went above and beyond to help me resolve issues with the dealership and eventually get the truck shipped. Nicole and Todd kept me informed with numerous phone conversations through this whole ordeal and I was always able to reach them .They were very understanding, professional, friendly and helpful. Thanks again. Nicole and Todd !!!!! Sincerely, Mike Kennedy.
Jack Doll (07/06/2011) - “Truthful Transport is exactly what their name states” Mike Kennedy (08/04/2011) - “Service over and above expectations”
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