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Have questions about shipping cars? Truthful Transport Inc. auto transport questions help keep vehicle shipping customers better informed for the transport of their automobile.

Do you have questions about the shipment of your car, truck, van, motorcycle or SUV?

Truthful Transport Inc. is not your average auto shipping service. Here at our reliable car moving company our trusted agents work 7-days a week to make the shipping of your vehicle safe and simple for you. If you have questons or are in need of affordable car transport quotes our staff is always here to address your concerns. When you’re shipping a package you usually just go down the street to ship your package and that’s it. Car shipping may be more involved than mailing packages but we can make it easy for you. We know that you don’t always have the time to call and ask questions or send an e-mail so we have provided you a list of the most commonly aksed questions with their best answers below. You will learn about some of the concerns that vehicle shipping customers most commonly have. Stop comparing quotes and speak with an agent now call 855-744-7878 or Click Here to Request Your FREE Car Shipping Quotes.

Truthful Transport Inc. - Commonly Asked Vehicle Shipping Questions for Your Move

How soon can you pickup my vehicle from my home, an auto dealership, the vehicle seller or an auto auction? Typically we can arrange for the pickup of your vehicle within 2-3 days. *Some remote locations may take longer. How many days does it usually take for my car to be safely transported across country on a car carrier or trailer? It all depends on how far your vehicle is being transported, time of year, demand on your desired route and weather. 1. Shipping your car from the East Coast to the West Coast takes approximately 7-14 days. 2. Moving your vehicle from the Mid-West to the East Coast takes approximately 5-8 days. 3. Relocating an automobile from the North to the South takes approximately 5-8 days. Can you arrange convenient door to door auto transport services for my vehicle shipment? Door to door service means that the auto transport carrier will pick up and make delivery of your vehicle as close to your designated destination as possible. Because of the size of the vehicles, however, please keep in mind that certain roads, bridges, overhangs, etc. may prevent door to door delivery. But your driver willas close as possible. May I schedule a specific time for my vehicle to be picked up or delivered? If you contact us with sufficient notice, we will do our best to meet your particular needs and requests; however, we can’t guarantee specific times/dates, since carriers work within windows of availability (est. pickup/delivery). Do I have to be present with my automobile when the carrier comes to pickup and/or deliver my vehicle? If at all possible, we prefer that you are present when the vehicle is picked up and delivered to make the pickup and delivery of your vehicle easier for both you and your scheduled car carrier. If you cannot be present, please assign someone to be present for you who is willing to sign a release form upon pick-up or delivery of your vehicle. What is the best way to prepare my car, truck, van, motorcycle, or SUV for the safest auto transport service? 1. Take note of any damage. It doesn't hurt to take some quick photos of your car and any existing damage. 2. Turn off all car alarm systems. 3. Remove personal belongings and any decorative items which are removable (i.e. spoiler, mirrors, fog lights). 4. Secure all items that you are leaving in the car. 5. Lower or remove vehicle antennas. 6. Make a list of all secured items you have on/inside car so that you can quickly check your list upon pickup. 7. Be sure to clean out your vehicle as well as possible. 8. Using your car as a moving container (i.e. packing it with household items, is not permitted). 9. If your car is in working condition*, be sure there is adequate antifreeze and gas and your battery is charged. Can inoperable (non-working) vehicles be shipped? Yes. Inoperable or non-working vehicles can be shipped. Vehicles that are not in working condition should be brought to our attention with the necessary details so that we can make the appropriate arrangements to move your vehicle. We will arrange for a professional using the proper wench and trailer to load your non-running car. Can I ship items by putting them inside my vehicle? For the quickest pickup and delivery, we recommend you remove all items from your vehicle; however, should you decide to leave any of your personal items in the vehicle, up to 100 lbs is typically allowed and all items must be secured, preferrably in the trunk. Our designated vehicle carriers are only covered and permitted to ship your car. There should be no boxes filled with personal property in your car. All auto transportation carriers are regularly and thoroughly inspected at state borders by police and other government agents. Any violations to the above can result in a $10,000 penalty. Vehicle owners take full responsibility for any violations to the above policy and under no circumstances shall vehicle owners transport any illegal or hazardous substances. In the case that an owner violates any of these rules, the owner acknowledges that they may be subject to penalties, fines and/or imprisonment to the extent allowed by the applicable state(s) laws. Will my vehicle be insured in case something happens? All auto transport vehicle carriers must legally carry two types of insurance. Federal law (U.S. Department of Transportation) requires them to have a minimum of $750,000 worth of public liability insurance plus a minimum of $100,000 coverage for cargo (vehicles). Any damage to your vehicle will be covered by the insurance policy of the transport carrier designated to move your vehicle. Should something happen, please note that all deductibles are typically paid by the assigned contractor. Truthful Transport takes great care in picking our contractors to minimize the chance of damage to your vehicle. Ship your car with a licensed and insured car carrier for the safest car move. What should I do if I notice damage upon delivery? Any damage should be noted upon delivery on your bill of lading and acknowledged by the driver/carrier. allTruthful Transport immediately or within 24 hours, and we will assist you in any information you may need. Do note, however, that you must file your insurance claim directly with the designated carrier. Truthful Transport cannot do that for you. Thank you for carefully reading our questions and answers for the best transport service. Can I check on the status with respect to the delivery of my vehicle? Yes. Feel free to contact us by e-mail click Contact Us or Call 855-SHIP-TRU (855-744-7878) and we will gladly assist in getting you a delivery status on your vehicle as soon as possible to provide you peace of mind during your move. What forms of payment do you accept? Truthful Transport accepts Debit or Credit cards including: Visa, Discover, Master Card, and American Express to reserve the space on the carrier for your vehicle. Upon delivery, we require the balance to be paid in the form of Cash, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check made payable directly to your assigned carrier or designated truck driver. Do you require my auto insurance policy information? Auto transport carriers are required to carry insurance and most carriers hold a minimum of $750,000 with a combined single incident and $250,000 per incident. This insurance is the only one you will file with should any damage happen to your vehicle, and you should never have to pay a deductible. Can you supply proof of insurance for the carrier that will transport my vehicle? Yes. Simply request your Car Carriers Insurance Information and we’ll provide the necessary documentation to you. Why should I use an Auto Transportation Specialist? A Transport Specialist has many contacts within the moving industry and works with many reputable companies who may have special routes or special pricing. With a particular carrier, you are limited to that company and you will often receive biased information on their services. A good transport specialist can provide you with an upstanding carrier that will not only take care of your car, but provide you an efficient service. The bottom line is that dealing with a car transport specialist saves you more time and money than dealing directly with a single Carrier yourself. Why does an SUV or truck cost me more to ship on a trailer than a car does? Vehicle shipments are based on weight and because every truck has a weight carrying limit those vehicles that weigh more will also cost more. Because of the weight difference in SUV's and Trucks, they will incur an extra fee. What’s the best size car carrier for my vehicle? For all practical purposes, the size of the carrier does not matter for most vehicles. (whether it holds 4 or 10 cars). However, if you are shipping a boat, heavy equipment, or a specialty item like a food truck or smoker grill a flat-bed or "low-boy" trailer would be best suited for this (Flat-Bed and Low-Boy trailers typically cost more since they move heavier weight cargo and haul fewer vehicles for each trip).
Here at Truthful Transport we work hard to provide informative answers to our customers. If you should have any questions or concerns that we have not addressed in the questions and answers listed on this page please feel free to click Contact Us or Call 855-744-7878 seven days a week.
Ship cars with peace of mind at Truthful Transport Inc. Will your vehicle be protected? Here at Truthful Transport Inc. we take careful steps to ensure the safety of your automobile. Your agent will provide your drivers license, active insurance, and ratings before your car is picked up.
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